Generator Protection Panel

OCI is a company specialized in designing and manufacturing protection panel, control panel for high voltage substation, generation power plant….

OCI’s generator protection panel are designed to meet requirements of the generators with the power from 500kVA to 500MW. Depending on the generator’s capacity, we will design and develop protection schematic as well as select the most suitable digital protection relay for the generator protection.

With experience of designing, manufacturing and operating of more than 1.000 protection panel, control panel in Vietnam and other regional countries like Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, ect. , we are confident that products provided by OCI are able to fully meet ANSI or IEC standards, as well as satisfy specific requirements of customers.
Diagram of basic principles of generator protection for Relay G60 – GE

Generator Protection Panel - Ocean Industry Corporation

Main functions of the generator protection panel includes:

  • 21P    Phase Distance Backup
  • 24     Volts Per Hertz
  • 25     Synchrocheck
  • 27P    Phase Undervoltage
  • 27TN    Third Harmonic Neutral Undervoltage
  • 27X    Auxiliary Undervoltage
  • 32    Sensitive Directional Power
  • 40    Loss of Field Relay
  • 46    Generator Unbalance
  • 49    Thermal Overload
  • 50G    Ground Instantaneous Overcurrent
  • 50N    Neutral Instantaneous Overcurrent
  • 50P    Phase Instantaneous Overcurrent
  • 50SP    Split Phase Instantaneous Overcurrent
  • 50BF    Breaker Failure
  • 50/27    Accidental Energization
  • 51G    Ground Time Overcurrent
  • 51PV    Phase Time Overcurrent with Voltage Restraint
  • 51N    Neutral Time Overcurrent
  • 59N    Phase Overvoltage
  • 59X    Auxiliary Overvoltage
  • 59_2    Negative Sequence Overvoltage
  • 59X    Auxiliary Overvoltage
  • 64F    Field Ground Protection
  • 64S    Sub-Harmonic Stator Ground Protection
  • 64TN    100% Stator Ground
  • 67_2    Negative Sequence Directional Overcurrent
  • 67N    Neutral Directional Overcurrent
  • 67P    Phase Directional Overcurrent
  • 68    Power Swing Blocking
  • 78    Out-of-Step Protection
  • 81O    Overfrequency
  • 81R    Rate of Change of Frequency
  • 81U    Underfrequency
  • 87G    Restricted Ground Fault
  • 87S    Generator Stator Differential