Customized enclosure solutions

OCI has built up extensive capabilities to meet the customization needs of all kinds of customers.

The company offers both Express Customization of standard enclosures and advanced customization, which ensures optimal integration of the enclosures into the customer's equipment. In addition, OCI now undertakes assembly of its own accessories as well as customer-specific accessories. It all adds up to an unmatched degree of customization flexibility.

To satisfy customers’ needs for more advanced customization, OCI offers engineering and manufacturing expertise that enables modifications of standard enclosures to meet the very specific requirements of individual customers. OCI can make enclosures with an array of special solutions: Holes, threading, cut-outs, increased corrosion resistance, custom colours, transparent windows, ventilation louvres, welded studs, and more.

Customization not only allows the enclosure to integrate nicely with the machine (e.g., colour and adapted dimensions), aesthetics can also be substantially improved by printing on the enclosures. 

OCI makes your life easier

All in all, OCI wants to make life easy for its customers. Therefore, the company continuously develops its basic, fast customization services, as well as more advanced customer-specific solutions, including engineering with the customers and assembly services if required.