Protection Panel

OCI is a manufacturer specialize in providing power system protection panels and control panel for all levels of electrical power from transmission grid to distribution grid, from generator to industrial and building.

Our protection panel included but not limited to
-    Protection Panel for Transition grid from 220kV to 500kV
-    Protection Panel for Distribution grid from 6kV tới 110kV
-    Protection Panel for Transformer
-    Protection Panel for Generator
-    Protection Panel for Busbar
-    Protection Panel for Motor

Styles of Control Panels
OCI can provide standard 19” rack type protection panels in addition to custom-sized panels. These can be tailored to suit specific demands. Cubicles can be supplied in a rear access design and also a front access swing frame style where substation space is limited. All panels can be provided with or without glazed front doors depending upon the required ingress protection rating (IP rating). Protection panels generally have:
-    Digital Relay depend on protection function
-    Selector switches and test link
-    Power supplies, auxiliary relays and dropping resistors mounted internally

Please contact OCI to have all your requirements fully met for:

-    19” rack-based panel
-    Protection Panel for Transformer
-    Protection Panel for Generator
-    Protection Panel for Transmission Grid
-    Protection Panel for Distribution Grid
-    Medium Voltage Switchgear 24kV, Medium Voltage Switchgear 40.5k, Ring Main Unit Switchgear (RMU)
-    Low Voltage Panel, Low Voltage Distribution Panel
-    Local Control Unit for Hydro Power Plant (LCU)
-   PLC Panel, RTU Panel
-    Battery Charger Panel 220VDC, Battery Charger Panel 48VDC