Renew VanHo Hydropower Plant

 OCI has been awarded a contract by Leader Nam Tien Hydropower Joint Stock Company to renew electrical and automation control system for VanHo Hydro Power Plant (VHPP).

Renew VanHo Hydropower Plant

Van Ho hydroelectric plant is located in Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province with the capacity of 3x2.5MW using turbine Francis vertical. In August 2016 the plant was swept by a flash flood that flooded the whole facility and destroyed the entire electrical, measurement and monitoring system.

The working scope of OCI in this project includes designing, supplying and installing the electrical system, measurement and control system, protection system, SCADA/DCS system for the entire plant with the implementation duration of 5 months.

OCI Solution for renewing and retrofit electrical & control system

Our highly specialized engineering and technical support teams offer turn-key solutions for outdated electrical & controls system. From the design and manufacture of advanced electrical & control systems to commissioning, trainng, and field support services, you can expect advanced energy control and optimization technologies.

Our applications engineers replace outdated devices with modern, integrated electronic controls to:
- Improve reliabilities and safety of electrical & control system.
- Simplify maintenance & reduce costs
- Optimize engine performance
- Meet tough emissions regulationsi
- Take advantage of control system remote access

Renew & Retrofit Kits
OCI renew & retrofit kits are engineered to streamline the installation of modern electrical & controls to replace the outdated systems. The kits include the required hardware to make a seamless transition from the old to the new.

Van Ho Hydro Power Plant (Before repair):

Tủ MK nhà máy thủy điện Vạn Hồ bị lũ phá hủy

VanHo Hydropower plant devastated by flood pipe

medium voltage panel bị damaged after flood pipe

VanHo Hydropower Plant before repair

VanHo Hydropower Plant before repair


Van Ho Hydro Power Plant (After repair):

VanHo Hydropower Plant after repair

VanHo Hydropower Plant after repair

Please contact OCI to have all your requirements fully met for:

-    19” rack-based panel
-    Protection Panel for Transformer
-    Protection Panel for Generator
-    Protection Panel for Transmission Grid
-    Protection Panel for Distribution Grid
-    Medium Voltage Switchgear 24kV, Medium Voltage Switchgear 40.5k, Ring Main Unit Switchgear (RMU)
-    Low Voltage Panel, Low Voltage Distribution Panel
-    Local Control Unit for Hydro Power Plant (LCU)
-   PLC PanelRTU Panel
-    Battery Charger Panel 220VDC, Battery Charger Panel 48VDC